About The Film

Stellina Martin leads a reclusive and mundane existence; and that is exactly how she likes it. But, in a single moment, everything will change. When Stellina is shot during a failed robbery attempt, she comes face-to-face with death. After waking from a month-long coma, she is given a second chance at life and an extraordinary gift – a gift that will change her and the people around her forever. The normally reclusive Stellina now finds herself impacting the people around her, while discovering life for the first time.

Letter from The Producers of Stellina Blue

We made this film to reflect on the role of hope during the deepest, darkest times of a human being’s life. No matter the differences across race, nationality, or culture, people have the innate capacity to hope. The key, however, is not to lose sight of this capacity. What is a person to do when their beliefs are shaken to the core? Sink into despair? Blindly accept a new reality? There is no set answer, but if a person can at least remain open to some semblance of hope, no matter how unrealistic, they open themselves up to the greatest possibility of all: a miracle. Stellina Blue examines what happens to people when they are confronted by a miracle and whether or not they are able to access it via hope.